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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I buy a print?

I use a printing company (called Printful) to ship worldwide. They receive the order, print it, package it, then mail it out. I use a specialist printing company because it allows me to provide prints of a much higher quality than I could produce myself without having to hold any stock. The prints are manufactured using giclée quality Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper.


How long will my order take?

Average shipping time is 8-15 business days. The print will be rolled and packaged in tissue paper, then shipped to you in a cardboard tube.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, and I’m currently offering free shipping worldwide! Please be aware that orders may incur a customs fee depending on your country, which I’m not liable for and is completely separate from the transaction you make on this website.


Can I get a framed print?

I don’t currently have any plans to offer framed prints, mostly due to the higher cost and logistical issues of shipping. The dimensions of the print are a fairly standard size for frames offered by online and high street retailers. Simply search for ‘12x16 inch frame’, or ‘frame for 12x16 image with mount’.


Are all your paintings available as prints?

Not yet. I went through multiple rounds with the printers before I was happy with the final calibration for the prints currently available on this site. The goal was to get the print looking as close to the appearance of the paintings as possible in terms of colour and tone. I plan to make all my paintings available as prints soon. Let me know if there’s one you’re particularly interested in.


Are your prints available elsewhere?

Prints of my work are only available from this website,


How do you create your paintings?

I usually start with the idea and then go through a process of compiling reference photographs and patterns. I’ll eventually select various elements and combine them together in line with the original idea to create the final design. Then I will paint it on a canvas (typically Winsor Newton 100 x 70 cm cotton canvas) using acrylic paints. My palette used to be restricted to titanium white, process cyan, permanent rose, cadmium yellow light, and paynes gray, but now I use a slightly expanded palette which includes phthalo green and burnt umber (all Winsor Newton paints). I paint a thin even layer of burnt umber on the blank canvas at the very start to give the painting added warmth when colour is applied. The colour scheme develops as the painting progresses, and I’ll let it adapt as I finish painting elements or introduce new ones.


How do you create your prints?

I have soft box photography lights that I use to illuminate the painting, then I photograph it using a digital SLR camera, producing high resolution images for printing.


Are the original paintings available for purchase?

Only the prints are available at the moment, but I may make the originals available someday!

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